There's been a lot of discussion about the election, the results, and what it means or doesn't mean.

My personal opinion is that a lot of the analysis - the vast majority of it, in fact - is more or less worthless.  Honestly, since when has anyone in the media ever really been concerned about the prospects of the Republican party?  Their goal for the past four years has been to marginalize and diminish the conservative grass roots represented by the Tea Party, and weaken the GOP as much as possible.  Why in the world would you pay any attention to their suggestions, other than to hear what they're saying and do the exact opposite?

With that in mind, in my reading over the past week, I found myself appreciating articles both practical and the inspirational.

Practially speaking, there's the reminder from Gallup that conservatives are not the minority.  Joel Pollak's article on How Conservatives Can Win In Blue-Sate America.  Borepatch's platform for Republican victory.  John Hinderaker's suggestions on how conservatives can and should deal with social issues.

In terms of inspiration, I find Sarah Hoyt's reminder that we can stand athwart history so long as we don't lie flat wonderful.  Greg Gutfeld's admonition to fight the tyranny of cool is awesome.  Finally, The Dissident Frogman really sums it up for me:
Old Glory doesn’t mean anything, simply because you woke up last Wednesday to a measly 4 millions popular votes difference? A battle of nearly 121 million voters finds you outnumbered by four and hear, hear: the Republic is dead and the war is lost? 
Once again, you don’t need a lecture from this Frenchman, but it seems to me that some of you, in the emotion of that unexpected electoral defeat, forgot this simple fact: America is always outnumbered. 
Yet it doesn’t matter: America’s strength isn’t in numbers, it’s in her soul.
As Chesty Puller said, "We're surrounded. That simplifies things."

Just something to keep in mind.

Update: Perry de Havilland gets to the point...

Ok Tea Party, start your engines in earnest this time. Get nasty, really nasty. And all you Republican apparatchiks? Help the Tea Party drive the Big Government Republicans from office and drum them out the party, because not only are they The Enemy, they keep loosing elections and that can negatively impact your precious careers and that, even if you are almost all amoral scum no better than the Democrats you purport to oppose, should get your undivided attention.

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Anonymous said...

The "The Dissident Frogman" was a self hating fool. It's little wonder why he doesn't write in his so-called blog anymore.