WSJ Inanity

Violin Memory Inc., a fast-growing storage company, has filed for a public offering in what could turn out to be the next big exit in the flash storage industry.
Posting this for two reasons...

One: Yay Violin! Congratulations! I guess this is semi-official now.

Two: What kind of freaking idiots do they have editing the tech section of the WSJ?

Violin is a enterprise storage company whose product uses flash memory, so naturally, they accompany the article with a picture of... an iPhone.

An iPhone.

Just so you don't get confused, they include the caption, "Many modern smartphones and tablets use flash memory to store data." Thank you so much for that bit of inanity. That's like putting a picture of a tire on an article about Ford, and saying, "Many modern vehicles use tires."

Seriously? Get a clue, people.

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