Going Dark

Tomorrow, the country will be in roughly one of two camps.

Either you will wander through a normal day, blissfully unconcerned with the process of electing a new chief executive; or you will be glued to your phone/tablet/computer, frantically clicking "refresh" while mainlining your major televised news network(s) of choice.

Me?  I want to be in the second group.  Desperately.

Instead, I'm going to be going absolutely cold turkey. [1]

Yes, I will be out working in our local polling place once again.  The votes must flow, and someone has to make it happen.  Still... in an election like this, it's maddening, regardless of whatever flavor of political junkie you happen to be.  

No radio, no TV, no internet access.  From the look of things, there wouldn't be much time for paying attention to the news, anyways.  Regardless of the final outcome, it is going to be a busy day.  Only time will tell whether it turns out to be 2008 busy or 1980 busy.  

So: while you're clicking, reading, commenting, listening, watching, screaming, sobbing, ranting, wishing, hoping, praying, and occasionally correcting the internet... please remember the poor poll workers who labor to make it all happen.

Then bring us donuts.  We loves us some donuts.

They take away the pain.

[1] Except for text messages from friends.  Oh, and updates when my wife comes by to visit.  Then there's reports from folks as they come in to vote.  And... look, it's still going to be rough, OK?  I want to take the day off and drink from a fire hose stream of minute-by-minute details on the political process.  Instead, I'm going to be getting a sippy-cup trickle of news, and it's going to be tepid, backwash-y news, too.  Seriously, if it wasn't for the donuts, I'd crack.

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