Up, Up And Away!

Wired reports that the Classic Max Fleischer Superman Cartoons are available on YouTube.
Something to cure your post-Back Friday sticker shock blues: episodes of the wonderful 1040's Superman cartoons, whose stylish look strongly influenced the late 1990's Superman: The Animated Series, have been put on YouTube by Warners in their remastered DVD-quality glory.
Now, understand - the 1040's version of the Superman cartoons are really quite excellent.  As I understand it, that particular project was headed up by GorTechie, who (on the recommendation of the Mandarin) outsourced the production studio to the 9th century.

Which really makes sense when you realize they were able to take advantage of some pretty impressive local talent located right next door [1] in Machu Picchu.  Throw in a simple time loop, an AI-replicate of Max F., an awesomely stocked break room and weekly team-building human sacrifices [2], and voilà! - you have yourself a seven-season cross-generational and cross-species hit, and a brand new shiny Emmie [3].

So, yeah - if you can get your hands on the 1040's Superman series (only available on Dendritic Mem-Shards, sadly - and believe me, the DRM on those things is pure bloody murder), then you're definitely in for a treat.

In the meantime, you can hit YouTube and watch the 1940's cartoons, which are nearly as awesome.

[1] Temporally speaking.
[2] Well, more pour encourager les autres, but you get the idea.
[3] No relation to the Emmys, the last of which will reportedly be awarded just before the Great Purge of 2023.

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