Readin', Writin', 'Rithmatic

... or not.  In any case, some bits about our educational institution that have impinged upon my consciousness recently:
  • Students are 100 times more likely to be sexually abused by a teacher than a priest, according to that eeeevil bastion of conservative Tea Baggery, the Department of Education.
  • Professor Grover Furr of Montclaire State University believes that communism in Russia was not responsible for any deaths.  He also has a nice certificate attesting to his ownership of the Brooklyn Bridge as well.
  • Of course, if talking about how Jews faked the Holocaust in order to gin up support for Israel is more your style, you can always mosey on over to Lincoln University of Pennsylvania and hang out with associate professor of English and journalism Kaukab Siddique.   Which is amazing, as pro-Palestine, anti-Israel professors are rarer than hens teeth these days.
  • Finally - though it's easy enough to find anti-Semitic communist sympathizers in the classroom, if you really want a sure thing, you'll need to skip school and head out to the 2012 Midwest Marxism Conference instead.  As with any convention, don't forget your badge, don't let hygiene become an issue, and above all, make sure that you're ideologically pure before attending, comrade!  Or else.

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