Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight

Last week, someone in the office lost a sock near my cube.  A hue and cry was raised via email ("Hey!  Is this your sock?"), but the poor little sock went unclaimed.  As a result, it was moved to the window close to the stairs, with the hopes that some passerby would see it, and say "Hey!  That's my sock!"

The next day, we were surprised to see that the sock had... acquired a bit of personality.  Peering out into the office, Ms. Sock was obviously looking for something, or someone.  Her long-lost owner, perhaps?

No!  Coming in to work the next day, it became clear... what we had here was not a lost sock, but an office romance!  The handsome and dashing Mr. Sock was quite obviously smitten by Ms. Sock's charms.

Love - true love - blossomed, with the inevitable results...

Quite a happy little family, aren't they?

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