Renaissance Age Super Heroes

Worth1000 hosts a variety of photo-editing and illustrative contests. One of their contest series, Superhero ModRen, challenges users to incorporate superheroes into fine art pieces. 

The gallery includes quite a few images - some well done, some not quite so, but all inspired.  Some of my favorites:

"Wonder Woman" by FlashDaz

"Rembrandt vs Joker" by Valgio

Justice League? by Briman222

I particularly like the Escher image.  However... if I had the skill and ability to do something like this, I would have had Elijah Snow holding the globe, with Jakita Wagner and Ambrose Chase in the background.

Sigh.  I would love to see a Planetary movie.  Unfortunately, though, it's a D.C. property, so it's probably best left off the big screen until such time (if ever) they learn how to produce a decent movie.

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