74% Republican, 71% Libertarian

The quiz, and my results.  Honestly, I think that the weighting may be a little off.  For the issues that I felt most strongly about, I was aligned with the Libertarians.  For the larger number of issues that I was more "meh" over, I tended to side with the Republicans.

As usual with polls of this sort, I suspect that there are some significant simplifications made in how answers to certain questions are evaluated.  Seeing as I know pro-life Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and independents, for example, I wonder how they score the "Yes, I am pro-life" questions without getting into a whole lot more subtleties than the existing crop of answers allows for.

Still... yeah, I think the results are pretty good.  A total of 179%, though?  The only explanation for that I can imagine is that there is more than a bit of of overlap these days between the Republicans and the Libertarians...

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