Since We're Talking About Democrats Today...

Here is an interesting bit from House of Eratosthenes on "Failure to Internalize":
It seems to start, generally, with a feeling of revulsion against what is perceived to be an unfair “distribution of wealth.” There are many mistakes in just this first step, most prominent of which is fabricating the event by which these assets were somehow “distributed.” Much further down the line in this menagerie of grave mistakes, where all the tragedy really starts, is this thought: I’m supporting this plan that is intended to help people, and this must therefore mean that anybody who opposes me must want to hurt those same people.
It is as wrong-headed as it is commonplace. And for those who do not know, oh my goodness, it is commonplace. It’s hard to put it into words.
I daresay there is no class of thinking being on the globe that has less of a grasp of something, than strident modern American liberals grasping the motives of their opposition. It is truly a whole new threshold of ignorance. Someone should circulate a questionnaire sometime just for laughs. “Conservatives want more little kids to get gunned down at schools.” “They want more poison in the drinking water.” “They don’t want to pay their fair share.” 
The biggest lie in the world about liberals is that they want to think globally and act locally. If they thought globally, the health care website would work as well as, and would’ve cost about as much to get online. That’s not how they think at all. They want to win arguments. That’s it. 
Go take a look at The Daily Kos and tell me this isn't an accurate assessment.

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