The American Mushroom

I came across the following comment on a FB post discussion of Obamacare earlier today...
I would be more sympathetic to the opponents if they were actually proposing something instead of having a massive temper tantrum.


Keep in mind that this was a comment from a fairly intelligent, relatively well-informed and politically knowledgeable individual.  They knew, for a fact, that the Republicans had no alternative to the ACA...

... and yet, all it took me was a few seconds with Google to turn up mention five or more significant Republican health care reform proposals from the past four years.

Now, given who my typical readers are, I am going to bet that most of you have heard of one or two of these proposals.  Maybe even all of them.  In fact, there are probably additional proposals and bills that are out there that I wasn't able to uncover.  I recall reading at one point that there were literally dozens of alternative health care reform bills proposed and killed in the house during the months leading up to the ACA.

Notice where these articles are from, though.  PolicyMic. Town Hall. CNS News.  Kaiser Health News.  Only the last is from a traditional newspaper, the Washington Times.

Repeat after me, folks.  The media is not your friend.  There is a reason that you do not know anything about these alternatives to the ACA, and that is because the mainstream media refuses to mention them, refuses to talk about them, refuses to write about them.

Republican health care reform?  They have made it into a non-thought.  It doesn't exist, because if it did exist, they would report on it!  But they're not reporting on it, so, therefore, it must not exist!  Right?


They do the same thing with Libertarian candidates.  Minority conservatives.  Kermit Gosnell.  Defensive gun use.  Increases in arctic ice and decreases in hurricanes.  Anything else that doesn't fit their narrative.

In the eyes of today's mainstream media, we are all mushrooms.  Kept in the dark, and fed a steady diet of... well, you know, the smelly, nasty, disgusting garbage that the MSM spews out.


Hey, whaddya know!  It's even a four-letter word.

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