Excuse Me?

Declaring himself "war-weary" but determined to hold Syria accountable for using banned chemical weapons, President Barack Obama said Friday he was considering a limited response to what U.S. intelligence assessed with "high confidence" as a Syrian attack that killed more than 1,400 people...
"Now, I have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that norm. But as I've already said, I have had my military and our team look at a wide range of options."
My military?  MY military?

Excuse me, sir... but you didn't build that.

That is our military you are talking about.

In case you have forgotten, they work for us.  We have graciously allowed you command of our armed forces... for a time.  You are not a king; you are not an emperor; you are not a dictator.

You are an employee.

A senior employee, true... but you are not irreplaceable, no matter what you may happen to think.

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