One Can Dream

One day we might hear the First Reports of Independence...
News of Martian independence reached New York the second week of August via the Mercury packet ship, which launched with important correspondence from Security Chief  Alvarez to United Nations Secretary General Clinton-Kennedy, dated July 7 and 8, from the New Staten Deeps in Valles Marineris. The New York Times, once permission was received, first broke the news in its Saturday, August 10 edition. A 16-word, 106-character, Twitter-esque extract Snowdened from an intercepted Alvarez info stream read: “I am informed that the Martian Congress have declared the United Colonies free and independent States.” 
Later that day, pirate web postings from the unlicensed New York Post included its own version of the breaking news: “Advice is received that the United Colonies Congress resolved upon independence the 4th of July; and have declared war against the United Nations in form.” The same blurb appeared in the Tuesday, August 13 issue of the New Zealand Herald. On Wednesday, the Washington Examiner and Entertainment Tonight announced “Aictor reenactments of the Declarations of War by the Provincials are now available on YouTube and are said to be couched in the strongest terms.”

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