Impromptu Pittsburgh Storage 2013 Summit

The family & I got together with a few old college friends last night.  What with one thing and another, we ended up with representatives from NetApp, Panasas, Violin Memory, Amazon, and of course, Avere Systems.  (Well, technically, our Amazonian is in their app store division.  Still, with AWS and S3, I'll count Amazon as a storage provider, just for the symmetry of things.)

Not bad for a gathering of a half dozen friends.  We just need to get someone into EMC and we'll have just about all our bases covered.

Aside from the general "How's work going?" questions, though, we mostly caught up with each other, traded stories about kids and family, and related tales of mutual friends that not all of us have managed to see recently.

All in all, a really enjoyable evening.

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