Watch "Shark Tank" Tomorrow

Seriously - even if you normally don't watch the show, tune in tomorrow at 9pm.  You'll have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the network debut of my brother Mike and his partner Ozzy as they pitch their product to the Sharks!

Tom “Ozzy” Ozbourne (left) and Mike Robb got into character in this scene from their “Shark Tank” pitch for their “Beer Blizzard” product.” They got the inspiration for it at an annual gathering at Osborne’s property in Hamsher County, W.Va., called “the Redneck Reunion.”
The above picture is from the Charleston Gazette-Mail, where they got a nice little write up:
There were more than a few “A-ha!” moments that Robb and Osborne had on the way to creating their “Beer Blizzard.” They were moments that involved guns, frozen boots, drywall compound and one wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. 
They trace the product’s origin to an annual hunting, fishing and beer-drinking gathering at Osborne’s cabin near Moorefield, alongside the south branch of the Potomac River. 
The event has a rather more colorful name than that, said Osborne. 
“All my childhood friends and I still go to the Shenandoah Valley every Memorial Day for what we call ‘the Redneck Reunion.’ It was there at the Redneck Reunion where we came up with the idea and concept for our product,” said Osborne, who — while a full partner with Robb — self-styles himself as the company’s “CRIC.”
Because the acronym is not normally found in institutional flow charts, a translation is in order: “Chief Redneck in Charge.”
Yeah, they have a little bit of a schtick going on there :-) I can vouch for the parts of the story involving guns and drywall compound, though the frozen boots are new to me.  Our family has been watching Mike and Ozzy as this whole thing has unfolded, and we're all really excited to finally see them in the Tank!

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