I may have mentioned that my brother appeared on Shark Tank last week.

Post-show, they got a nice little write up in Forbes:
At his day job, attorney Michael Robb seeks reparations for those wounded by asbestos exposure. At all other times, the president and CEO of Pittsburgh, Penn.-based Cold Can Innovations rectifies the injustice of drinking warm beer. His Beer Blizzard invention cools warm beer via a dome-shaped plastic disk that fits perfectly underneath a can. 
Robb and his partner Tom “Ozzy” Osborne — the company’s “chief redneck in charge” — dived into the Shark Tank Friday night (Season 7, Episode 25) seeking $100,00 for 20% of their company.
Let's cut the to chase, shall we?
Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban offered them $100,000 for 25% for the business while  QVC Queen Lori Greiner offered them exactly what they were asking for. Robb and Osborne took Cuban’s offer because of Robb’s “serious man crush on Cuban” because they’re both from Pittsburgh, Penn.
I suspect that there was more to it than a "man crush".  If you read the article and the Q&A they did with Mike, you can see that he and Ozzy really did their homework while preparing for the show.  I expect that they based their offer more on particular Shark's personalities, management styles, and contacts than anything else.

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