Happy Dance

Decision Desk calls Kansas for Cruz... with a majority, not just a plurality.

In Maine, they are reporting Cruz with a 9-point lead, with 18% of precincts reporting.

Results from Kentucky and Louisiana still pending, but... I have trouble thinking that Cruz will do worse in those states than he appears to be doing in Maine.

As Moe Lane put it, "A lot of people will be acting that it doesn’t matter that Trump lost Kansas. Which is what he did. Trump lost it. In the way that losers of things can lose things."  Like debates, even when they break the rules to try and gain an advantage; and the military, when they open their food hole and allow stupid noises to come out.

For the record: while I like Cruz, I would be just as happy to see Trump loosing to Rubio, or Kasich, or...  well, to a syphilitic dead skunk, to be honest.  Though you that I'll grant the differences in that last case might be a tad hard to discern.

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