Two Shades of Gray

A comment on a friend's FB post, where she was asking for advice on which particular shade of gray was appropriate for a certain part of her home:
Dear sweet merciful heavens, I am aware - reluctantly! - of two grays: "Haze", and "That Kind Of Faded Driftwood Gray, You Know What I Mean, Right?" 
The first is only appropriate when applied to the hulls of warships, and the second is preferred for any application in the home that calls for something akin to the color "gray". I, along with pretty much every other male in the world, have absolutely NO desire to determine the providence of any other shade, warmth, saturation, or other adjective of gray. 
Which is to say, you should listen to those non-male friends of your, and ignore us color-illiterates who look at periwinkle and say "That's, like, blue. Ish. Sorta."
Guys, feel free to point to this post whenever your spouse, significant other, girlfriend, or acquaintance asks for your opinion regarding anything that isn't clearly a primary color.

[Edit: having read the above, I am convinced that I was unconsciously channeling Charles G. Hill.  Which is not a bad thing, I don't think.  But it was certainly unintentional.]

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