Senseless Waste

Region-locked printing ink.  Seriously.
So, it appears that if you attempt to forcefeed a Xerox printer not-from-around-here ink, it will potentially brick the device. At that point, you're forced to ask for a Xerox rep to drop by and unlock your purchased printer for you...
Sure, it's only 10 minutes of work, but it's $60 being shelled out by a paying customer just so his printer will go back to printing. The only thing actually "broken" is Xerox's business model. 
It's ink, for the love of heaven!  INK!

The whole idea of intentionally breaking something that is functional makes me twitch.

Whatever idiot at Xerox came up with this particular idea should be manhandled into the nearest convenient alleyway and beaten with garbage can lids until whatever is broken in their brain starts working again.

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