Cause and Effect

Research indicates that Google can influence elections by up to 12.5%:
With a group of more than 1,800 study participants – all undecided voters in India -- the research team was able to shift votes by an average of 12.5 percent to favored candidates by deliberating altering their rankings in search results, Epstein said.
"Deez Nuts" is now the most successful independent candidate for president in two decades:
“Then I saw the slop bucket that we call the GOP field, the one-woman show on the Democratic side, and the lack of any third party candidate and thought ‘Man, Deez Nuts would be better than any of these guys,’” Olson continued. “So after that I just ran with it.”
Scary conclusion: someone at Google really likes Deez Nuts, which is why he is polling at something other than statistically insignificant levels.

Scarier conclusion: someone at Google really hates Deez Nuts, and he should actually be polling at around 25%.

Scariest conclusion: It really doesn't matter.

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