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There is an angel on Mars:
She is standing on a small rock and, calculating from the scale of the picture, she is just shy of four inches high... I would say the "parasol" is actually a flaming sword. She is, after all, a Martian angel, not an Earthling angel, charged to defend the honour of that planet, and not ours. Notwithstanding, an angel is an angel, and the family resemblance between theirs and ours is plain enough.
When Danes were under Prussian rule, they were forbidden from raising the Danish flag.  So they bred the Protest Pig instead. (H/T: Scandinavia and the World)

... there is a ham radio on the space station like the ones used by amateur radio enthusiasts around the world. It is how space station astronauts conduct Q&A sessions with students, for instance. The space station's ham radio frequencies are publicly available and you too can try to call the space station when it passes 250 miles above. That does not mean anyone will answer, but sometimes one of the astronauts will be there and will converse.
What are the odds that a plane will be hit by a meteor?  About one in a billion.

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