"Dumber than Forrest Gump" Is Being Charitable, I Think

Chris Hernandez has a few things to say about the recent kerfuffle on a train:
First: bravo to the three Americans who took down an armed terrorist on a French train. Those men are true heroes, and as a National Guard soldier myself I’m extremely proud that one is a fellow Guardsman. I have nothing but praise for them, and hope to shake their hands someday.
As someone who literally does this sort of thing for a living, he Has Opinions about those who want to use this particular event as Proof That You Don't Need Guns™:
Having said that, and I’m in no way detracting from their bravery or heroism, but they got lucky...
Generally speaking, you don’t bring a nothing to a gunfight and expect to win. It can happen, but you don’t make “use your bare hands to take down a guy with an AK-47” your Plan A. I know this because I have training, experience, and a brain. The blithering idiots at Addicting Info, however, looked at this fluke, consulted fellow blithering idiots who know nothing about lethal force, and published an article titled Proving The Best Defense Is A Good Guy WITHOUT A Gun, Unarmed U.S. Soldiers Foil French Gunman.
I’m pretty sure Addicting Info’s writers are literally the dumbest people on earth.
I don’t know much about AI’s writers or editors. I haven’t seen their IQ test results. I’m sure they’re all educated, and probably know many things about important topics like white privilege or microaggressions. But anyone who believes you’re better off unarmed when someone tries to shoot you with an AK has to be dumber than Forrest Gump. 
Among other things, Chris goes on to list a number of recent shootings where the proverbial Good Guys Without A Gun confronting the Bad Guy With A Gun ended up achieving the most statistically likely outcome in that particular situation, i.e., dying.

Funny how those pesky facts don't disprove their thesis, isn't it?

Go, RTWT, as they say.

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