Looking Forward To The Third Party In The Debates!

No, not the Libertarians - though I have hopes for that, as well.  But according to Stephen Colbert, "A Giant Meteor Hitting Earth" Is Now Polling at 13%.

If we can get the SMOD polling at 15% or better, it gets included in the presidential debates!
Moderator: "Next question. Sweet Meteor of Death, could you explain your stance on Social Security reforms?"
SMOD: "Well, Tom. I plan on dealing with the Social Security solvency issues by crashing through the atmosphere, impacting the earth, and plunging the world into a new era of death, destruction and dystopia as humanity struggles to remain alive."
Moderator: "... wasn't that your answer for the last three questions as well?" 
SMOD: "Absolutely! Why mess with a winning strategy?" 
Moderator: "Do you really think the American people will go for your 'Death, Destruction, Dystopia' message?" 
SMOD: "Tom, allow me to point out that just one of the many benefits of my D3 agenda is that not only will neither Trump nor Clinton be president, there is actually an excellent chance of both of them dying horribly."
Moderator: "Definitely something that weighs in your favor, then."

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