Shield Bash Is Totally OP in PVP

22 countries engage in vintage armored beatdowns at Battle of the Nations
On a field in Aigues-Mortes, France, armies from 22 nations are clashing. Armed and armored in medieval style, the combatants are vying for the title in this years' Battle of the Nations western martial arts championship. The entire thing is being streamed live on YouTube. This isn't a contest of foam on foam or even blunted wooden swords—the weapons and armor are period-accurate, and the risk of injury is real.
Interesting... how's the good ol' US of A doing?
In two mass combat heats today, the US routed Team Italy in a little more than a minute without taking any "casualties" (when three body parts touch the ground, you're out). Later on, the Americans lost a hard-fought battle with Ukraine.
Ukraine?  Ukraine?  C'mon, guys - they're not even a continent!

I'm not a big one for watching streaming video, but I really am going to have to check this out.

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