A New Hampshire Yankee in Madame Sherri's Court

An odd archive photo leads to a bit of historical research in New England...

... and an article on the Madame Sherri Castle Ruins.

It seems improbable, really. You wouldn’t expect to find the remains of a “castle” tucked into the southwest corner of the Granite State, yet there it is. Stories swirl around these ruins and its former occupant, but most folks in the area seem to agree on a few points: Madame Antoinette Sherri, a costume designer from New York, began buying land in the small village of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, in the late 1920s; she planned to build an extravagant summer home on the property. Her mantra, purportedly, was “Only the best,” and for years she threw wildly lavish parties there, hosting an eclectic band of friends from the city. Until her money ran out, that is.

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