Earlier today, Michael Z. Williamson put up a Facebopok post, looking for someone "... well versed in Christian theology..." to help with some story research.

Apparently, he's got quite a few readers - and FB followers - who are preachers, teachers, or what-have-you across a number of different denominations.  More than a few mentioned time in seminary or spent pursuing a theology degree.  We all chimed in and offered whatever assistance he might need.

Imagine that.  All us religious folks reading Mad Mike.  Which obviously goes to prove how stupid we are.  Because there is no other explanation for why such unbelievably homophobic, racist, sexist, classist, extremist, bitter clingers would read fiction from a such a libertarian author, right?

Because everyone knows that we're just plain ignorant and intolerant.

Meanwhile, ask your favorite progressive if they've ever read anything from Mr. Williamson, or Larry Correia, or Sarah Hoyt.  Be prepared for a lecture on why they would never sully their eyes with their right-wing filth.

What was that phrase again?  Ah, yes... "just plain ignorant and intolerant."

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