Hugo Voter Packet!

Got the email today about the Hugo Voter Packet for 2014, and just finished downloading everything.

Hoo boy.

Nearly one and a half gigabytes of data.  Sixty-four pdfs, 71 jpegs, plus a bunch of stuff in multiple formats.  Baen was generous - they didn't just include Larry Correia's nominated novel (Warbound), but also tossed the first two novels in the series (Hard Magic and Spellbound) into the packet as well.  Not to be outdone, Tor decided to include the Wheel of Time.

Not the last book.  Not even the last couple of books.

The. Whole.  Fraking.  Wheel.  Of.  Time.  Series.


BY my count, there's 20+ novels, plus novellas, plus novelettes, plus short stories, plus artwork, plus... who knows what else is in this electronic goodie bag?

In terms of book-related purchases, this is by far the best value I've ever gotten for my money.  Plus, you know, I get to read all that and then vote for the Hugos.  Score!

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