Yeah, that there is our house.  Well... what is left of our house.

Fortunately, nobody was home at the time.  I was at work, our two youngest were at school, and the lovely Mrs. Robb and Eldest Daughter were out shopping.  As it was a nice day, even the animals were outside.

Second floor is a total loss.  First floor... well, not a total loss.  Say, 90%.  What the fire left behind, the water took care of.

The pool, on the other hand, is definitely filled.

We'll see what we can salvage come the morrow.  We already know that we have lost a lot of keepsakes that relate to our wedding, my time in the Navy, and the girls' adoptions.  The thought of having lost some of that stuff is emotionally wrenching, but...

Eh.  It's just stuff.  We can live without it... they key word there being "live".  I thank God that we were all on the outside of the fire looking in, instead of the other way around.

Besides - you know, there was this guy 2000 years ago who had a much worse start to this particular weekend than we have had.  All in all, that turned out pretty well not just for Him, but for the whole world.  So, no worries here.  If I can't look at this and think, "Yeah, my house burned down, but I've got the Son of God on my side", there's something wrong with me.

The lovely Mrs. Robb and I are running on fumes right now.  It has been a long day.  The idea of joining a wandering Gypsy caravan is kind of enticing.  (Seriously, though.  When is it never not enticing?  And yes, I do know Gypsies.  Well... I know people who know Gypsies.  Close enough.)  We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

For now, though, we're homeless.

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