Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-000's DNS name and IP address locate a publicly known web site ("SCP Foundation") on the internet.  As it was is referenced by over 2 million different web pages and a popular independent video game at the time of discovery, actual containment is problematic, if not impossible at this point.  Instead, an active disinformation campaign (DI-████████) depicting SCP-000 as a "shared reality" fictional work is being pursued, with excellent results so far.

As part of new employee orientation procedures instituted as of ██/██/19██, SCP personnel are required to read orientation publication SCP-Alpha-1337 ("Shared Reality: Fact to Fiction") as they may be called upon at any time to support DI-████████.  D-class personnel, of course, are exempted from this requirement.

Description: SCP-000 is a website, reachable via the web address It was initially published as a site purporting to be an exposé of the SCP Foundation, "a secret organization dedicated to containing anomalous artifacts and entities that can threaten the normality of our world."  The author or authors of the original web site content are unknown; however, the amount of accurate detail present on the original site strongly implies that at least one high-level administrator within the Foundation was involved in its creation.

After taking control of SCP-000, determination was made that elimination of the site would only result in certain common personality types taking this as proof of the Foundation's existence.  Instead, the SCP-000 site was repurposed and actively developed as a "shared reality" fictional work, designated DI-████████.

SCP-000 is being run as a wiki, which allows outside editing.  Allowing non-Foundation personnel to participate in the construction of the "shared reality" is an integral part of the DI campaign centered around SCP-000.  However, despite extensive monitoring, improved site security, and frequent changes in the hardware and software used to run SCP-000, unapproved articles taken directly from Foundation records have continued to spontaneously appear on the site every 28 days, concurrent with observed full moonrise at 25°20'41S, 131°02'05E.  These unapproved articles appear even when the hardware running the site is powered down, disconnected from all external systems, partially disassembled, and enclosed within an evacuated chamber equipped with a Faraday cage. As a result, while SCP-000 was initially classified as safe, the continued appearance of these articles has resulted in SCP-000 being reclassified as euclid.

Foundation folklorists, documentation specialists, and DI personnel may request assignment to SCP-000 for a period of up to five (5) years, during which time they will be responsible for releasing scrubbed and altered DI versions of Foundation records and assisting in the maintenance of the "shared reality" fiction.  Additional duties will include monitoring content for  non-Foundation edits that may indicate potential security breaches, and ensuring that information related to [REDACTED] (or related categories such as: [REDACTED]) does not reach active XK status in the population at large.  As of ██/██/20██, approximately four percent (4%) of Foundation records have been altered and released on SCP-000 as part of DI-████████.  These text-only records consist of 300+ hours worth of reading material.

While the ultimate goal of DI-████████ is to provide a screen of plausible deniability for Foundation operations, locating and identifying potential Foundation recruits (Addendum SCP-000-A) is a high-priority secondary goal.

Addendum SCP-000-A: Recruiting

As Dr. ██████ has shown, interest in SCP-000 correlates strongly with the basic personality type profiles [1] used to select Foundation researchers and field team members. Foundation recruiting efforts have seen positive results simply by considering repeated access to SCP-000 as a preliminary HR screening tool.  Over the past ████████ years, this has been reflected in a 22% increase in the number of recruits progressing past initial Foundation contact, a 14% decrease in the five-year attrition rate for new researchers, and an amazing 63% reduction in the number of kinetic interview terminations.

New recruits sourced through SCP-000 tend to show strong interest in similar media, for example:
[1] As Doctor ██████ commented, "SCP-000 is like crack cocaine popcorn for these guys."
[2] Several recent recruits felt the need to qualify this with the statement, "minus that last one, it was complete garbage".

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