Libertarian Crowdfunding is the first libertarian crowdfunding website. The traditional meaning of the word Agora comes from Ancient Greek and means marketplace. However today the word ‘agorism’ has come to signify not only a marketplace, but a larger movement concerned with spreading liberty through the means of free exchange between voluntary partners.  This mutually beneficial exchange is something that has become increasingly difficult, due to government interventionism in our markets. 
We believe that the best way to spread liberty is through making the government irrelevant... 
The team also believes in radical decentralization, and distributed networks, as a way to create a sustainable market based economy. We want to ensure start-up capital and other types of funding are available for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to see the world become the agora.
An interesting concept.  There are only a half-dozen projects for now; most are kind of "meh", but the Kawthoolei Teaching Hospital project looks intriguing.  It will be interesting to see what other campaigns start to show up here in the near future.

The site is being hosted by the same folks who hosted Wikileaks, and they are planning TOR integration (presumably because those pesky governments get all verklempt when you start cutting them out of the loop...)

Disclaimer: one of the founders is a friend of a friend (which is how I found out about it).  Other than that, and some curiosity as to how it will all work out, I have no connection to or personal interest in whatsoever.

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