O Canada!

... what are you thinking?

I live in the frozen wasteland of Canada and get my news via the Morse code receiver in my igloo. Hearing furious beeping, I slid inside from the backyard curling rink to find myself facing the news that our gun control regime has given up the pretense of respecting civilian gun ownership and began moving guns from legal ownership status to prohibition.
The RCMP has repeatedly exhibited hostility towards civilian firearm ownership but has somehow remained in control of it in Canada. On February 26th, they began advancing a new phase of their goal of prohibiting firearms in Canada by re-classifying a line of guns (the Swiss Arms family) that were previously Unrestricted or Restricted, and made them Prohibited.
The government is not planning to pay out any of our brightly-coloured rainbow money to compensate owners during confiscation. There has been talk of reversing this stance, which would only mean wasting multiple millions of dollars of taxpayer money on the RCMP’s inability to classify previously-purchased firearms appropriately.
But wait, it gets better!
Not content to sit back on their wave of epic accomplishments in the name of public safety, late on Feb. 28th we Canucks are learning that a subset of CZ 858 rifles are now being moved to Prohibited status as well. The details are still coming out on this one, but one thing is clear: these rifles are common and popular, much more than the Swiss Arms family ever was. This means the RCMP is dropping their previous program of slowly confiscating obscure firearms to maintain a low profile.
This is effectively a frontal assault on the gun-owning public of Canada. In a distinctly un-Canadian fashion, they haven’t even said “sorry” while stating they were planning to steal our property.
Keep an eye on this. Expect to see the MSM making loud noises about how wonderful gun control is in Canada Real Soon Now™.

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