War! What Is It Good For?

Pessimism, like libertarianism, is my default setting. At times, however, I have to attach an asterisk to both attitudes, and tweak my outlook a bit--not as much as those global climate change modelers do, but, a tweak nevertheless.  On my political beliefs, for example, I am a libertarian except when it comes to foreign policy and national defense. I want the USA and our allies to have the biggest, baddest, most kick ass militaries on the planet so that our mortal enemies--and they do exist--will think twice or thrice before attacking any of us, and if they do, then I want them to find themselves spending the rest of their miserable short lives hiding in caves, sweating through sleepless nights, listening for the drones and the whoosh of death dealing Hellfire missiles, or fearing the arrival of SEAL or SAS shooters with blood in their eyes.
To me, that's an entirely libertarian attitude - more in the spirit of Flint rather than Tolive, perhaps, but still quite libertarian.  It also happens to be in keeping with the enumerated powers of the government laid out in the constitution, which is an additional plus.

The question really is, what do you do with that big, bad military?  The temptation to use it directly (as opposed to indirectly) is a large one.  Keeping such a military machine functioning smoothly for decades in the absence of practical experience is an immense challenge, as well.

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