Update From The Field

It's December, which means that life has gotten incredibly busy.  Fun, but busy.  In addition to the normal spate of holiday events (parties, kid-related activities, Christmas tree cutting, tasty four-legged vermin elimination [1], etc.), I am also neck-deep in work as we are preparing for a major release [2].  The upshot of all that: greatly reduced posting.

I take some comfort in the fact that my blogging history shows this isn't anything unusual.  Unless there is a major shift in... something... in the next few weeks, I will be back from the holiday season well fed, pasty white from lack of sun, and full up with about enough pent-up snark to carry me through the next eleven months.

So: expect light posting for a bit.  Though I do have some ideas that are percolating around in what passes for my brain.  So I may be able to sneak in a substantial post or two in between the Intarweb Mandated Funny Cat Pictures.

[1] Also known as "deer hunting season" here in Western PA.
[2] Cloudy With A Chance of NAS."

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