Everyone Else Does It, So...

In the spirit of Time magazine, inspired by the writings of Douglas Adams, and prompted by the recent verbal droolings of Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy, I hereby announce that nominations for the 2013 "Mindless Jerk of the Year" award are open.

Rules are simple.

You can nominate an individual that you believe deserves to be recognized as the Mindless Jerk of the year by placing their name in a comment on this public Facebook post, along with a very brief description or link that describes why they are deserving of such (dis)honor.

You can vote for any nominated individual by "liking" the comment of whoever nominated them.

If you are not a Facebook user, feel free to make nominations in the comments below - I will do my best to copy them over to the Facebook post page, and give them a "like" on your behalf.

Nominations and voting are open until Midnight, December 31st.

At that point, I will tally the results, the the nominee who gathered the most votes will be crowned the Mindless Jerk of 2013. I will personally go out to the back of the barn, dig up an old brick, and have a plaque bearing an appropriate saying from the writings of Douglas Adams affixed to said brick. I will then deliver the brick, along with a tasteful certificate suitable for framing, to the winner either in person (if convenient) or by mail sometime in January.