Remember: Immolate, Don't Reanimate!

Darths and Droids is a movie comic strip along the lines of Shamus Young's most excellent DM of the Rings.  Both follow a series of movies (LoTR, Star Wars) and use screen caps to relate the stories as if they were being played out by a bunch of table-top RPG gamers.

Yeah, I know.  Geeky as all get out.  And absolutely freaking hilarious.

D&D includes a transcript with each comic, along with additional commentary on RPG tropes related to the strips.  Today's commentary struck me as particularly amusing:
Never abandon your buddies on the battlefield.
This goes triple in situations where they may rise as zombies and attack you later in the adventure.
Because if the GM is on the ball, they will.
Oh, yes.  Yes indeed.

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