No, It Is NOT A "How To" Guide

Well, at least no intentionally.  Presenting... the DoD's Encyclopedia Of Ethical Failure!
The Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure [PDF, there is a Word file direct from the DoD] is 167 pages of stories of elaborate frauds, scams, and abuses of power in the US government. Interestingly, the sarcasm-filled document is also published by the US government, to help illustrate how government workers get in trouble.
Some interesting tidbits:
Two workers at the Veterans Affair’s Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy, which mails prescriptions to veterans, were charged with taking kickbacks for purchasing a product from a supplier at more than twice the normal price. The product? Red tape. 
An Assistant Secretary of Telecommunications and Information within the Department of Commerce spoke with ethics officers about a small dinner party she was having at her home but neglected to mention: a) the party was for between 60 and 80 people and b) it was paid for by companies she was responsible for regulating. 
A Department of Homeland Security border officer was fired for misuse of government property after he flew a multi-million dollar DHS helicopter to his daughter’s elementary school and landed it on school property.
And my favorite so far:
A concerned citizen contacted the Inspector General after seeing a Blackhawk helicopter parked in a field behind a restaurant. Inside, he found five service members that had stopped for lunch and were enjoying their meal with several civilians. An investigation revealed that the soldiers were on a training mission, but they had properly listed the restaurant stop in their mission plan. Since the stop was properly listed, the soldiers had not violated any regulations, but they still received verbal counseling because their actions created an appearance of impropriety.

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