"Mallow Mold" Menaces Maturing Marshmallows

Chanel 9 Eyewitness News reports:

Oh, my.

I had no idea that this year's marshmallow crops were in such a bad state.  This is going to be rough, not just on the farmers themselves, but also on their local economies. Marshmallow picking is labor-intensive, and there are a lot of families that depend on the seasonal harvesting work to help them make ends meet.

In the short term, the US may end up having to increase imports from Argentina to make up for the domestic marshmallow crop shortfall.  Of course, the world marshmallow market is already looking to Argentina to help make up for the near total loss of Madagascar's orange marshmallow harvest to locusts. No matter how you cut it, this is going to result in economic upheaval, both domestically and internationally.

If your family is one (like mine!) that enjoys summertime campfire s'mores, or marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes as part of your Thanksgiving meal, you may want to lay in a supply now to get you through the next few months.