But Do They Serve Spam

SAN FRANCISCO—The Haight-Ashbury district was all about peace and love until bacon entered the picture.

The trouble began in May, when this city's health department shut down a popular restaurant called Bacon Bacon after neighbors' complaints caused a permit delay. The neighbors' concern: the scent of bacon grease was blowin' in the wind.

Now bacon lovers have found out, and they're raising a stink.

Ahead of a permit hearing scheduled for Thursday, nearly 3,000 bacon advocates have signed a petition in support of Bacon Bacon. Phylis Johnson-Silk, who lives around the corner and loves the place, is making signs that say, "Bacon rules!" and "Really? You complained to the cops that you smelled bacon?"
By my count, there are three people complaining... and two of them were already looking for a way to close down the restaurant for other reasons:
But while Mr. Angelus was frying, some Haight neighbors were stewing. It was bad enough that the restaurant's patrons used neighbors' stoops for dining tables and that Mr. Angelus had a habit of parking his truck on the street, they say. 
Then one day, Ms. Nevins was outside and noticed another problem: a "strong bacon smell," she noted on a pad where she and Mr. Nevins were logging issues with the restaurant.
What could she have against bacon, really?

"A lot of people got really carried away with condemning me," Mr. Nevins says. "I used to be much more of a bacon eater," says Ms. Nevins. "But now I'm not."
Ahhhh - I see.  Want to take a bet that one or more of the complainers happen to be a particular strain of holier-than-thou ex-meat-eating 100% organic locally sourced hipster locavore vegan?

So, yeah.  There's a smell to the situation, but it ain't the bacon that stinks.

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