Bloodied But Unbowed

“Think globally, act locally” could be taken as the slogan of any radical ideological cult, but it applies with special force to Islamist terrorism...
And think about it. Think about all Boston huddling indoors until one young immigrant Chechen psychopath was found. The enemy knows what he is doing, & he is doing it well.
As a friend pointed out, it is not necessarily that they are doing it well - but that we are doing it badly.  We know what reaction they want out of these acts of terrorism, and yet, we give it to them.

The terrorists who hijacked Flight 93 would have been happy if those on the plane had simply sat in their seats and waited for the end.  Unfortunately for them - and fortunately for us - the passengers did not do that.  When the people on that flight finally realized what was happening, they decided, instead, to act in a way that would deny the terrorists.  They decided to refuse to give the hijackers what they wanted and what they expected.

We Americans... we are just a bit unruly that way, aren't we?

Dealing with, and eradicating terrorism, is a long-term plan.  While we are carrying that out, we need to survive terrorism; not as individuals, but as a culture.  The only way we can do that is by following the example of Flight 93.  Never give up, never give in, and never... ever... give them what they want.  

When they act to instill fear, show them bravery.

When they try to claim honor, expose them as a disgrace.

When they proclaim their power, mock their weakness.

Never allow them a victory.  Not one time, not one foot, not one inch.


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