"Stupid is as stupid does."

First, we have representative Duncan Hunter of California introducing a bill to delay DADT repeal.

Next up, we have representative Jim Jordan of Ohio looking for a D.C. gay marriage ban.

Now, we have representative F. James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin pushing for regulation requiring ISPs to record user's data.

Edit: Just after posting this, I find out via Brian Dunbar at Space For Commerce that Senator Susan Collins of Maine has re-introduced legislation to implement an internet kill switch. Because in light of recent events in Egypt, an internet kill switch looks just so very cool, don't you think? All the pseudo-democracies are doing it!

All fine members of the GOP. Wonderful! As pointed out in American Digest:
"Doofus Republicani: The only species that endangers itself."
Gentlemen and ladies of the newly elected Republican party in Congress. Please, let me address you with the civility and gravity that you deserve:

You are acting complete and utter idiots.



I swear on a stack of Bibles, that if we were to let some of you wander out into the rain by yourselves, you're so unbelievably stupid that you'd freaking drown yourselves. If you were in a burning building, you'd stop to complain about the paint job. You probably get confused when someone compares your activities to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, because you feel that deck-chair placement is a vitally important issue.

Do us all a favor, for the love of sanity. Scrounge up some petty funds cash from your office, go down the the local 7-11, and when you get there, buy yourself a freaking clue, m'kay?

There's about 6 bajillion things you could be doing to improve the current situation via-a-vis the economy, the jobless numbers, the hostile small business environment, and the other innumerable acts of aggressive stupidity that have been inflicted upon the American people in the past two years. That stuff there? Yeah - you see it?


Seriously, folks. Jobs, economy, security, spending, reducing the size of government. If what you're talking about isn't directly and fundamentally connected to one of those issues, shut your freaking pie hole. If it's still an issue in 3-4 years, and all of the urgent and significant problems have been taken care of, then we can talk.

Until then: jobs, economy, security, spending, size of government. That's all I want to hear from you. Just do your job and show me that you're not a bunch of drooling morons who should be replaced the next time I have the chance to get near a ballot box.

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