Cautionary Tale

How much does your social media presence really reveal about you?  Sure, you're cautious.  You would never intentionally disclose some information.  It's a connected world, though.  Can you begin to guess how much information you might inadvertently be revealing?

From a comment posted over at Bayou Renaissance Man:
I served in the RAAF from 1970-1991, the latter half of my time was coalface hands-on Sigint, Opint and Comint, Watkins-Johnson, RACAL, and PRC-(insert your own digits) were my closest workmates, both here in Australia and at Little Sai Wan, on the island part of Hong Kong...
Were I in the job today, modern Social Media is my first 'stop', its Cornucopia of intel is a wish beyond my wildest dreams!...
An example.
I typed my 14 year old Granddaughters first and last names onto the net.
I do not know any of her passwords, none at all.
In one four hour session, I got the following info.
Her school, favourite Boy Bands, favourite books - past and present, her and her friends after school activities, times and locations and who she hangs out with, home street name, description of house, though no number, when Dad's car is in driveway, therefore indicating when he is at home, two car family, one car garage.
Her bedroom décor, single window placement on ground floor,(no screen or bars of any kind), colour of bedroom light, what design of pyjamas she wears, and how she has decorated her bedroom.
Everything of the last nine lines I got from observing her Skype background images, as she leaves the screen to do stuff in her bedroom, so giving comprehensive access to her surroundings.

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