Fires at Midnight

Busy day today - work, contractor putting in underground downspouts, church, then what may be the last campfire of the year as a date night with the lovely Mrs. Robb.

All of which is to say... No update on the Sweepers today; which puts me at negative 3600 words.  Tomorrow is hapkido, which makes for a late night... So, by Friday, I will owe about 7200 words.

Man. "Butt in the seat and writing" is hard.

Still... There is a story to tell, and a world to explore.  I want to finish up the first chapter, at least.  Introduce you to the Twins, Bear, Valish, and the Captain.  After that, I might skip around a bit.  There are some scenes from later in the story rattling around in my head that I want to get down that develop the characters a bit and explain the worlds the Sweepers inhabit.  The connecting bits will get filled in later, as time allows.

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