On The Perils Of Excessive Caffeine Ingestion

It's national Coffee Day!  Here in PA, we have a convenience store chain called Sheetz, and they decided that in honor of the day, they would launch their new, fresh-ground coffee blend... and give away free coffee all day!  W00t!

Srsly. Planning my route to work now. By the time I get there, I will be on the verge of merging with the Speed force. My name will become a Killing Word. Chuck Noris will make memes about me.

Update: Sheetz #2. Free coffee mug. Score!

Update: Sheetz #3... Man, this is gooood coffee! :-)

Update: Sheetz #4. Don't recall ever seeing this one... Could have sworn it wasn't there yesterday.  Man, they put up new stores FAST!

Update: Sheetz #5. I'm a little lost... Think I took a wrong turn. It's OK, though, plenty of time to make it into the office.  This one is calling their coffee "Mrs. Todd's Wild Blend" :-)

Update: Sheetz #6! Had a nice chat with the cashier about their new color scheme. The purple & gold is nice.

Update: Just realized the guy at the last store was speaking Spanish... I don't speak Spanish...

Update: Sheetz #7? Or #8? Could have sworn I hit another one in there... Maybe I'm seeing double, heh! Gooooood coffee, though!

Update: Sheetz #9. Me and my (current!) coffee!

Yr Gentle Hoste

Except... I was sure I left home wearing a button down gray Oxford this morning...

Update: Sheetz #10. Well, She'TZ.  Are they rebranding to go with the new color scheme?  Huh.  Everyone in the store is all excited about last night's presidential debate. How did I miss that? And when did Virginia Montanez throw her hat into the ring?  Her Pigeon Eradication Plan for improving the economy sounds awesome!

Update: Shétes (neé Sheetz) #11.  An "upsale convenience space", apparently.  Tried to get one of their new Breakfast Stir Fry Fajita Stuffed Sausages, but the cashier said they don't take "Mon'ply paper". What idiot decided to put Simon Cameron on the  on the new bills?  Eh.  The coffee is still good, and still free!

Update: Sha-Tze #12. My caffeine levels cannot be expressed by mundane numbers. I am partially fused with infinity, doomed to wander the multiverse from Sheetz to She'TZ to Sha-Tze to Shétes.  Always hungry, always dependent on the kindness of strangers as I try to find my way home. President Montanez has said that she and Wendell the Manatee are working on a solution because my presence is causing a "potentially catastrophic strain on the fabric of the cosmos", or something.

Well... at least the coffee's still free!

And it's gooooood coffee, man ;-)

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