If you are fortunate enough to have children, you quickly realize that your milestones in life are no longer marked by what you do, but by what they accomplish.

First steps.  First words.  First day of school.  First time int he pool.  First overnight away from home.  First crush.  First big game.  First date.  First driving lesson.

First job interview.

Eldest Daughter will be hitting that particular milestone this Friday.  In a complete reversal of anything that I would have expected from her based on her general tom-boyishness, she is excited at the opportunity to work at a shoe store.  (Granted, it is a somewhat upscale shoe store, but still...)

No guarantees, of course.  I've coached her a little bit on dress and demeanor for the interview, and she's doing her research before hand to scope things out.  Plus, she has an older friend (one of my former Sunday School kids, a quite lovely and wonderful young lady) who is going to take her shopping this week and help her pick out something appropriate to wear for the interview.  She's a smart, friendly, outgoing kid.  She'll do fine.

At least, that's what I tell myself.  I think I may be more anxious than she is.  However it goes, though: I'm proud of her.

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