Rough Language, For A Reason

Professor Mondo (who is, indeed, mondo) relates a story from Daniel Knauf about meeting Nichelle Nichols in a TSA line...
So I’m standing in the b***s*** “security theater” line at LAX (does anybody else think the dumbest, most dangerous place an a****** terrorist would try anything is a commercial flight full of people like me who are just itching to legally kick anyone to death who tries anything?) behind the incredibly beautiful Nichelle Nichols, who played Ulhura on the original Star Trek. 
At 81, she’s still as gracious, classy and lovely as ever. 
Unfortunately, as is the case for many people her age, she has some mobility problems and was seated in a wheelchair as we approached the metal detector. 
I am sure you can imagine how this might have gone... know that, thanks to Mr. Knauf, it did not.  There is a bit of (IMHO, deservedly) rough language, but go ahead, RTWT

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