Look To Detroit

Sarah Hoyt wrote last year about Going Down Easy:
The slide goes like this – it begins with mail distribution twice a day six days a week, and the mail fairly reliable in the sense that yes, you do get human error and things delayed a bit.  Then it goes to once daily...
Then slowly the mail becomes more unreliable.  Then one day is cut out.  Then delivery is every other day...
But along that slide comes the time when the mail is COMPLETELY unreliable. Anything you entrust to them has a fifty/fifty chance of arriving, and anything even vaguely useful/valuable WILL get stolen, unless you’re very, very crafty.
Federal authorities say a Detroit-area postal employee accused of stealing as  between 1600-2,000 pieces of mail said she did so out of boredom. 
Sharon Berrien is accused of pocketing any cash from the mail and dumping the leftovers along Interstate 94. Most of the items were greeting cards.

Just an isolated incident.  Nothing to see here, citizen.  Move along.

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