My Doom Is Upon Me

Got a Kindle today.  Specifically, a good friend sent me a Kindle Paperwhite as a gift.

Time from opening the box to purchase of first book ("To Sail a Darkling Sea" by John Ringo): about 10 minutes. Evaluation so far: easy to set up, very easy to buy books, great for reading. Also, TSaDS once again shows that Mr. Ringo has a solid position on my "shut up and take my money" list of authors.

Oh, and Baen has a bunch of free Kindle books, too.  This is both a good thing (Yay!  Free!) and a bad thing (for the lovely Mrs. Robb, who commented, "A football widow only has to put up with loneliness for a season, likewise a hunting widow. But a bookworm widow is pretty much out of luck...")

So, essentially, yeah, this is like pure crack cocaine to me. I give it an 11/10, A++++, would buy again, now leave me alone because BOOKS!

Oh, and apparently you can jailbreak these suckers.  I may end up doing that, if I can be sure that I can restore it to factory condition and not void any warranties or anything.  I would very much like to see what they are running under the hood...

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lelnet said...

My Kindle is my very favorite purely-material possession. Thanks to it, a weekend trip out of town is no longer an exercise in competitive weight-lifting from all the dead-tree books I used to have to carry around to keep myself reading. Now I just take the one Kindle (well...the two, since my wife needs hers too, but still...) and all the books we want are perpetually at our fingertips.

I'd call it the greatest invention since sliced bread, except that...well, slicing your own bread isn't that hard. So the Kindle is actually much better than that.

Welcome to the club, dude. :)