Our "Leadership" Costs Too Much

Two weeks ago, I did some back of the envelope calculations, and decided that The Stimulus™ cost we, the people, about $1.2 million per job saved or created.  Now new figures from the CBO show that the actual cost is somewhere between $540,000 and $4.1 million per job.

Not a bad guestimate on my part, I think.

More to the point, there were 307 elected officials - 246 in the house, and 61 in the senate - who thought that spending this much per job was a good idea.  That's about $2.7 billion per official that they were willing to spend to prop up their own positions.  The only jobs they were really interested in saving or creating were their own.

In my mind, that means there's 307 people that really, really need to be filing for unemployment benefits sometime real soon now.

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