Great minds n'at.

Neo-neocon thinks there's three reasons why Newt may end up the Republican nominee.  I'm not sure of her #1 reason - I'm afraid that Romney may end up being the last man... er, politician... standing.*  As for #2 and #3, though, I think she's spot on, and (as usual) more eloquent than I could ever aspire to be:
(#2) He’s not afraid to confront Obama...
One of the many reasons so many Republicans are still angry at John McCain for the campaign he ran in 2008 was his almost palpable fear of criticizing Obama. Gingrich will have no such problem, and it’s because Gingrich is unlikable rather than despite that fact.
(#3) His skeletons have been out of the closet and rattling around for so long that they’ve almost turned to dust. 
* In which case I'm going to go out and sniff some eau de skunk to kill the smell of RINO and vote for Herr Mittenmeister.  Not that I think he's much better than Obama, really - just more survivable.  I see an eventual vote for Mitt as a vote for "both legs broken" instead of "knife through the heart".  I'd rather not have either one, thank you very much...

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