A Proposal That Fits The Known Facts

Over at Dispatches From TJICistan is a clip of a government official talking about the expense of a $500 million light rail line in Detroit. At about 3:32, state representative Marie Donigan says:
“So we have a limited pool of money, is that what you’re saying? There’s only so much money ever? Well, obviously that’s not true!”
In the last month or so, there's been a marked increase in the number of... less than insightful statements like this one from Democratic leadership. In pondering this state of affairs, I can only come to one logical conclusion.

Obviously, the current crop of Democrats in local, state, and Federal government are sleeper agents.

No, not communist sleeper agents - that's so 1950's. Instead, I think that they are time traveling sleeper agents. They have come here from the future - a bright, happy, well-adjusted future where liberty and freedom are celebrated, where poverty and crime are aberrations instead of the norm. A future that was founded in the collapse of the still-born "statist revolution" in the US when the Democratic party imploded as a result of the 2010 midterm elections.

So they're here, at this pivotal time in history, to make sure that their future is preserved. How better to do that than by making sure that their operatives - now placed at every level of government - do what they've been trained and waiting to do all their lives?

Yes - in this election season; every unbelievable, upside-down statement from a Democrat that is seemingly willfully ignorant of the basic facts of life? That's a time-traveling libertarian from the future, opening their mouth and inserting their foot up to the knee. All for the cause of freedom.

Well, either that, or your average "progressive" Democrat is a drooling idiot barely capable of tying their own shoes.

Either one fits the facts, really.

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