John Kerry's got a burr under his saddle

Kerry voices frustration with US political scene:

During his 45-minute speech, Kerry urged business leaders to support thoughtful candidates. And he urged voters to reject the ones who ignore facts.

Oh. we are, John. We are.

Take the time to read some of the comments on the article. Of course, you have to account for the source - these are from folks who live in a known hotbed of radical conservatism: Boston, MA.

"The electorate has a problem, its you, Senator Kerry."

"Talk about out of touch. According to Kerry, we citizens are too dumb to know how good these elitist politicians are for us."

"18 months after the Democrats took the reigns in both the Senate and House everything went into the toilet. "

"kerry has taken arrogance to a whole new level."

"I really wish Kerry was up for reelection this year."

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